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Advantages of Film Foil Lidding

So, you are planning to commence the process of product packaging, and you are choosing the conventional rigid packaging. Perhaps, you are on your way to ordering metal containers or hard plastic for your products.

To keep your customers safe and protected against contaminants, moisture and debris, add a layer of protection to your product packaging. After thorough research, you will find that the common way of doing so is to add a protective layer of lidding to your container. However, for those who are new to the concept of lidding films and are keen to learn more about flexible packaging, find out in this post if this is the right solution for your packaging needs. 

With many years of experience in the packaging industry, Film foil lidding has helped many businesses improve their product’s efficiency and aesthetics. From frozen food packaging to snack food packaging, the opening mechanism plays a very crucial role in delivering customers user-friendly and accessible food products with a resealable feature.  

With single-use food & beverage products, lidding plays a key role that one should not overlook when planning the product packaging design. Gone are the days when people relied on the heavy-gauge foils that came with their own set of challenges and restrictions. Thanks to the lidding film solutions, more and more snack food and beverage companies, nowadays, are discovering the power of multi-layered film foil lidding and adopting it.

What are lidding films?

Lidding films are a popular type of flexible packaging option that is made from foils, paper, polyester, polyethylene and other flexible packaging material. Lidding films are available with incredible mechanisms such as easy-peel and lock-tight features that allow easy access to the content in the product. With lock-tight features and sealants, one requires a tool to access the content. This type of film has a layer of sealant that is laminated to the film for advanced adhesion. 

Listed below are the major four advantages of film foil lidding solutions that you should know:

Cleaning & Easy Peeling: When compared to heavy-gauge, products that use film foil lidding make it easier for the customers to open and access the content cleanly and safely. The film foil lamination is created by blending the right materials to offer lidding that allows neat peel-off without any breakage and tearing. 

Better Safety: Film foil lamination is safer and less susceptible to shredding, due to the sturdy material that makes it easier for customers to consume fresh content. Due to this incredible feature, more and more companies are opting for this, especially for kids’ snack food products. 

Protection & Quality Preservation: Besides being safe for consumers of all sizes and types, film foil lidding is an incredible and safe option for products. It is a multi-layered laminate structure that is designed to reduce any risk of puncturing and boost moisture and oxygen barrier protection.

Brand Integration: When strategizing for labeling and printing, film foil lidding offers an excellent base for branding, marketing and providing nutritional details. It allows customization and offers color options to showcase the unique elements of your brand.

Sustainable Wonder: Another benefit of switching to film foil lidding is that it makes a less negative impact on the environment. Thanks to their cutting-edge technology and multi-layered lamination, film foil lidding makes a better choice for consumers as well as for the environment.

And, who opts for lidding films?

Businesses that employ lidding films usually operate in supermarkets, food & beverage manufacturing and food production. They have to invest in lidding films as it helps boost the shelf life of the product by protecting it against contamination, moisture and debris.

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