Discovering the Buzz around Wrapping Paper

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November 28, 2023

For those owning delis, restaurants, food trucks, grocery stores and butcher shops – food packaging is as important as the product itself. Customers come across the packaging before they contact or see the food, thereby making bespoke food wrapping paper a perfect option to set your product apart. Bespoke food paper for burgers and sandwiches, basket liners, fresh products, diced meat, and whatnot turns into a symbol of the business quality. When customers feel valued and good about every part of a product, including packaging – they are more likely to have a trusting bond with the business. This results in food industries and other businesses taking care of client’s and customer’s health. With everyone nowadays desiring disposable products like green cups or custom wrapping paper, brands prefer using environmentally friendly packaging.

With foods like sandwiches, burgers, deli goods and fresh produce, you must have noticed the usage of wrapping paper to serve, pack and parcel the food. This multipurpose food wrapping roll is used for a variety of food items, and the best aspect of it is that it keeps food sterile for an extended period of time. Food wrapping paper is crafted using a robust form of paper that keeps your food safe and intact during shipment, last longer and remain protected against potential contamination.

You can find and buy food wrapping paper in rolls or pre-cut sections that are sized for your unique needs. This allows speedier service to be conducted. You may not realize but with bespoke food paper, you can market your brand, improve customer impressions, impress social media food lovers and protect your food at all times. Those who recently entered the industry and are wondering if wrapping paper is a good choice, read on…


1.Brand Awareness: Customization is the primary method to individualize your brand from others and craft a lasting brand identity. By producing custom wrapping paper bags, you can simultaneously protect your food and exhibit your brand with pride. It is an easy method of direct marketing that is affordable unlike other marketing techniques. It fits well with the unique packaging necessity to include a cost-effective marketing bonus. Consumers will prefer associating your brand with your packaging.

2.Lasting Impression: Customers often order from your brand for the quality you deliver, but they will continue to come back if you offer them good value and leave a good impression. With bespoke food wrapping paper, your customers can directly associate your food with your brand – they are linked which leaves a positive impression of your brand. Using quality food wrapping paper protects your food better and allows it to last longer during transit, storage and deliveries, which is becoming a popular method of ordering food.

3.Social Media Influence: In this modern age, food is more than just a way to stay alive; it is a remarkable experience that ranges from the presentation to the restaurant. Ever since the revolution of social media, “foodies” are documenting their experiences on social channels. This is causing a boom in the industry, driving business and customers without additional expense. With bespoke food wrapping paper, you can use this free marketing tool to your advantage. Social media users will associate top-notch and picture-worthy food with your brand.

4.Grease-proof: Top-notch quality food is bound to have a small amount of oil or grease. However, leaking grease can turn a happy customer into a frowny one. With our excellent quality wrapping paper that features grease-proof qualities, your customers don’t have to worry about a thing. Our wrapping paper will protect their clothing or items from potential leakage and stains. Grease-proof paper is considered good since it protects hot as well as cold food products. This makes our custom food paper that reduces the need to purchase multiple types of wrapping paper.

5.Sustainability: By personalizing food wrapping paper with our team, you can rest assured that your paper is not only high quality but also remarkably eco-friendly. Our paper is compostable and recyclable, which means it leaves minimal impact on our planet. However, the paper remains top quality at protecting your food content – they are FDA-approved for usage, which ensures that you have a sustainable experience.


Sandwich Wrapping Paper: They are one of the extensively used food packages – a remarkable choice for packaging pastries, pretzels, sides, and more. This eco-friendly food packaging is perfect for lining serving baskets or wrapping hot dogs, bratwursts and burgers.

Butcher Paper: Another excellent choice for modern food packaging is butcher paper. It is a sturdy paper, and coarse paper is ideal for wrapping food such as meat and fish. Most butcher wrapping papers are treated with sizing for wet strength.

Wax Paper: Paraffin or wax paper is commonly used for safe food packaging. The paper is treated with wax, which brings a smooth surface to the paper, preventing other items from sticking to it. The wax makes the paper resistant to moisture, preventing dry-wrapped food from being exposed to moisture. Keep fresh produce and juicy food safe.

Freezer & Coated Kraft Paper: Freezer and coated kraft paper are coarse and sturdy paper like butcher paper. They entail low-density polyethylene which is laminated on one side of the paper for exceptional leak resistance, prevention of freezer burn and strength.

How to Use Eco-Friendly Food Wrapping Paper?  

There are myriad reasons to choose sustainable food wrapping paper for a greener and healthier world. One reason is that it helps to reduce the waste that is produced. When you use eco-friendly food wrapping paper, you are contributing to reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills each year. This means the material used to make the paper can be grown as many times as possible without damaging the environment. Eco-friendly food wrapping paper is often produced using recycled or renewed materials, which is why it consumes less energy and resources to produce than new wrapping paper.


Our team hopes that this post has convinced you to adopt environment-friendly food wrapping paper or wrapping paper bags for a greener tomorrow. These materials are a perfect way to reduce your impact on the environment while savoring all of life’s moments and festivities. There are myriad options available for every occasion, so buyers can find something perfect no matter what they are looking for. Connect with our professionals at Momar Industries and get high-quality, low-cost, customized food wrapping paper. Saving money across multiple segments, choosing bespoke wrapping paper is an obvious choice, and we can help you achieve it! To find out more, have a look on our website for custom food wrapping paper today.