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Effective Lidding Film Solutions for Food Packaging

As a food products manufacturer, you might prefer the product packaging procedure in rigid containers like hard plastic, metal tin cans or paperboard. But to protect your customers from contamination, you need to add an extra layer of protection. The most common way is to add a layer of lidding film to the containers.  If you’re new to lidding film this post will educate you…

With many years of experience in robust product packaging, Momar Industries has helped many businesses choose top-quality protective packaging. If you need help, we can do the same for you. The world of flexible lidding applications is immense and continues to grow. Flexible lidding is used for packaging a variety of items – food, frozen goods, medical items, health & wellness, beauty & cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, small electronic items, hardware, and more. While flexible lidding material includes paper, film and foil – let’s take a look at the flexible lidding film for food packaging, an area that continues to grow every year. But, choosing the proper lidding film is an overwhelming process.

Nowadays, CPG has many considerations including seal strength, type of seal, oxygen and moisture barrier and anti-fog requirements for various applications. There’s also thickness, ability to seal, container type, the ingredients in the packaging, backing substrate, sealing feature, application conditions and compliance needs. All of these should be understood completely to ensure that the proper film is used for a successful application.

This post will discuss lidding films, what they are used for, things to consider, and more. With the information mentioned here, you can decide if lidding films are ideal for rigid packaging.

What are lidding films?

Lidding films are a popular type of flexible packaging films – they are commonly produced using paper, foils, polyester, polyethylene and other flexible packaging materials. This film type features a layer of sealant laminated to the lidding film for proper adhesion. Lidding films feature lock-tight and accessible peal versions – as the name suggests, the consumer can peel the film with relative ease. Lock-tight film seals super tight that the user may require a tool like a knife or pair of scissors to access the product.

What are lidding films used for?

Lidding films are widely used for sealing plastic containers, trays for food items such as dairy goods and paperboard pints. Other products packaged in lidding films can be meats, canned soup, microwave dinners and other food packaging that comes in rigid containers.

Who uses Lidding Films?

Businesses like food manufacturers, supermarkets and food production companies commonly employ lidding films. These brands use lidding film that boosts the product’s shelf life and protects the product from contamination. If the lidding film is removed from the container, it will alert the customer that the product has been tampered with and isn’t safe for consumption.

What are the different lidding film types?

With a variety of lidding films available for different applications. The different types of lidding films are as follows:

     Anti-Fog: Films used for preventing moisture formation within a container.

     Chillable Film: Designed for low temperatures and commonly used for refrigerated food items.

  High-Oxygen: These lidding films are widely used for modified atmosphere packaging applications for products that demand high concentrations of oxygen gas.

     Freezable: Specialty films produced for resisting ultra-low temperatures and used for frozen foods.

     Microwaveable: Crafted to resist extremely high temperatures, they can be used in an oven.

     Self-Venting: Designed to allow steam to escape the container when heated in an oven.

     Resealability: Produced to allow users to re-application once the container is opened.

Some of the considerations to keep in mind

There are some points you should consider besides quality, integrity and other things. The following must be kept in mind when buying lidding film. Think if it delivers the quality ideal for your brand’s image. Does it need to convey a brand message? Does it need to be printed? Do you like metalized or clear versions? Does the film required for milk transporters to be certified? Or are your applications FDA compliant? Then, there are questions associated with sustainability. Make a touchdown for a lightweight final product that is economical. Are solvents used during film manufacturing? Is it ideal to use a solvent-free film that is eco-friendly and doesn’t impart any odor to the food items? Raising all these considerations will help you make the right choice for the lidding film for applications.

Lidding Films’ connection with E-commerce

E-commerce provides an incredible opportunity for growth in the lidding film market – millions of Americans made a shift to online shopping happily. The majorly popular amongst customers is meal kit delivery, something that many find convenient yet fun and creative enough to prepare food. Groceries and meal kits bought online present the CPG with specific lidding considerations. With applications, many demand quality lidding films with a strong and hermetic seal that is considered user-friendly and easy to peel off. That is true for grocery items, likely to be boxed with other products with a need to navigate more touchdowns in the realm of distribution.

Are lidding films ideal for you?

To figure out if lidding films are ideal for your packaging needs, you will have to find the answer to a few questions:

     Do you need an additional protective layer for your product? If yes, then lidding films would be best for your brand.

     Is packaging recyclability important for customers? If yes, they are perfect for your needs.

     Do you need heat or cold-resistant product packaging? If yes, then this is a good fit.

     Do you require flexible film for a modified atmosphere? If yes, lidding films are an ideal option for you.

What are the benefits of lidding films?

Momar Industries’ lidding films are one of the best quality packaging. They have EVA resin for heat-seal layers, incredible anti-pollution heat sealability, and heat seal temperature. Our lidding films offer the following benefits to the customers:

Convenience:  Lidding films produced in our manufacturing facility offer a convenient way of packaging various applications. They can be peeled easily without tearing. Moreover, when buying products, you see what’s inside while keeping the content intact.

Protection: Our lidding films are produced to keep food wastage low and food freshness high.

Economical Solution: The resealing feature helps save a lot of money. We offer affordable lidding films for your application.

Reliability: The heat sealants are highly resistant to fog, moisture, pollution and any contaminants.

Sustainability: Lidding films use less plastic than traditional packaging options. We are committed to making packaging recyclable and sustainable.


Momar Industries is the leading and trusted manufacturer in the flexible packaging industry. With over a decade of experience, we offer products designed using high-quality materials and are preferred by thousands of food processing companies across the globe. Are you interested? Please find out more by consulting our professionals.