Flexible Packaging for Nutraceutical Products

Flexible Packaging for Nutraceutical Products

Manufacturers of nutraceutical products, such as tablets and dry powders,  rely on Momar to provide high quality flexible packaging. Our flexible packaging for nutraceutical products provide numerous benefits from high strength barriers to extend shelf life and prevent tampering to convenient and creative flexible packaging designs to attract the customer and build brand value. Working with Momar to develop best in class flexible packaging solutions creates a direct path to success with packaging designs that differentiate your product from the competition and establish trust with the customer. Momar is a trusted source of flexible packaging for nutraceutical products for manufacturers large and small. 

We have established a respected reputation in the industry by prioritizing quality and ensuring that we meet required specifications in such a highly regulated industry. All of our products are produced in an AIB-certified facility and meet applicable FDA requirements for direct-food contact.

Why Choose Momar For Your Nutraceutical Packaging Needs?

We are also dedicated to the highest level and quality of customer service, reliability and flexibility. Our customers in the Nutraceutical industry love working with Momar because we can offer: 

• The ability to print short or long runs, in a wide range of sizes, in single and multiple colors, even for small MOQs.

• An in-house design and graphics team to assist with product branding designs and talented packaging engineers to quickly solve the most stubborn packaging challenges. 

• State of the art machinery and experience with a wide range of materials to ensure we can deliver product that exceeds expectations.

• A strong understanding of all types of filling equipment and systems to ensure we pair each customer with a product type that folds into the filling process seamlessly.

• We proudly manufacture all of our products in the USA.

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