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The Great Supply Chain Disruption – COVID vs The Supply Chain

December 22, 2020
By Mike Carignan

Momar Industries has the capacity to assist small-to-medium-sized companies struggling with supply chain interruptions and challenges.

Support for Supply Chain Disruptions Due to COVID-19 or Other Challenges

Planning for the unknown – Contingency support for the new normal

The spread of COVID-19 during 2020 has affected every corner of the global economy in one way or another. In some cases, most often for companies that provide consumers or businesses with the tools to effectively work from home, the pandemic has allowed for unprecedented growth. However, in most cases the spread of the virus sent shockwaves that disrupted entire industries, forced companies to shut down and sent millions into unemployment. Its safe to say, nobody expected the world we live in and nobody could have been prepared for it.  Today, we have some understanding of how disasters of this magnitude can challenge our ability to effectively operate our businesses and that experience forces us to consider what type of contingency support is demanded by our new normal. We must ask ourselves, where can I find the right support for supply chain disruption to safely support my growth goals?

Support for Supply Chain Disruption

What are the symptoms of an impacted supply chain?

Sometimes its difficult to identify and quantify the challenges that your business is facing and the factors or changes to your business environment that cause these challenges. The challenges that we have seen vary widely and may or may not be out of your control. Here are some examples:

• Extended lead times based on raw material supply & demand

• Changes to your customers’ projected forecasts

• Order fulfillment challenges based on increased product category demands

• Aged Inventory based on decreased volume requirements for mature items being serviced


What can you do to account for supply chain challenges?

No organization is immune to challenges that stem from interruptions to supply chain and those challenges can be devastating. In difficult times, having established strong relationships with suppliers that put the customer first and pride themselves on flexibility and reliability is a key to success and surviving possible supply chain challenges.

Creating a contingency plan is a good place to start to ensure you have the proper support for supply chain disruption. By starting with a plan you can identify the critical areas and identify the appropriate solution. A contingency plan may include:

• Developing an understanding of your customers’ needs to ensure you have a baseline for what needs to be maintained through challenging times.

• Developing an understanding of your own capabilities and the resources available to you.

• Developing an understanding of the capabilities and challenges of your partners, suppliers and vendors to ensure they can be counted upon in challenging times.

If you work with international suppliers, another thing you can do is find a domestic supply partner to help you simplify your supply chain and limit the number of potential bottlenecks.


How can I build a sustainable contingency plan for future resilience?

Creating a thoughtful and well-rounded plan is just as important as executing that plan when obstacles arise. When creating a contingency plan, it’s important to understand the resources you have at your disposal, internally and externally. Its always good business practice to maintain a good working relationship with all your suppliers and vendors to understand their capacity and their common challenges. This will allow you to identify what events could present challenges for you to continue to obtain product or support from those partners.

Many companies look overseas to achieve significant cost savings on imported product. Working with overseas partners can offer great advantages, but also opens a business up to many new risks, such as:

• Extended Standard Lead Times (10+ weeks)

• Trans-continental transit delays based on inclement weather

• Foreign Holidays and Events such as Chinese New Year

• Domestic port strikes

• Custom Clearance delays

• Quality Control issues discovered upon arrival of products

• Printing color variances for first order or repeat orders

• Film COF variance from previous orders resulting in compatibility issues with production equipment

• Costly Air freight Shipments

• Trade Tariffs

If you have experienced any of these challenges, then you might benefit from choosing a domestic supplier or identifying a contingency domestic supply partner that can step in quickly to meet your needs in the event of a breakdown in your supply chain. Momar Industries has the printing capacity to be your permanent or contingent domestic supplier of laminated film!


How does this benefit my organization?

Delivery timelines across the globe and throughout nearly every industry have been abruptly extended well past the levels we are accustomed to or comfortable with. Are you looking for quality printing support without waiting 2-4 months for delivery? Has your company’s supply chain been impacted by COVID-19? Have you dealt with countless film import challenges and delays? Working with a company like Momar would benefit you greatly! When your customers cannot get what they need from you on a reasonable timeline, they will go find a new supplier and you will be forced to expend considerable time and resources to regain their trust or find new customers. Stop this trend in its tracks by building your contingency plan with a domestic supply partner who can provide support for supply chain disruption.


Where should I start?

With the widespread distribution of COVID-19 vaccines on the horizon, it may seem like adjusting your business model to ensure you are prepared for disasters of this nature is a waste of time and resources. However, with the right partners and relationships in place, you can confidently operate your business into the future knowing that you have built a resilient system that will weather any future storms that threaten to disrupt your critical supply chains.

Momar is a proud US manufacturer of laminated film for die cut lidding and many other flexible packaging applications. Our team is driven by a passion for exceptional performance. Full-service packaging engineers and designers produce leading-edge packaging solutions and components by utilizing state-of-the-art converting equipment. There are many benefits when you work with us, including, flexibility, exceptional high-touch customer service, experienced and innovative problem-solving abilities, quick turns, and small MOQs.

Interested in having a discussion with us about partnering with a US-based manufacturer to alleviate the potential stress of supply chain interruptions? Contact us today to learn about our expertise, reliability and wide range of product offerings.