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How To Differentiate Your Product From The Competition

February 5, 2021
By Miles Quinn and Ben Kaplan

Foil Lamination is a Great Way to Differentiate Your Products on the Shelf and Achieve High Quality Packaging that will Protect its Contents and Hold Up to Harsh Environment or Wear and Tear.

Differentiating your products from the competition is always a challenge and a critical step in launching and maintaining a successful product line. There are many ways to attempt to differentiate your products. Some ways to accomplish this include offering cost effective or premium options, showcasing your customer service excellence, or providing environmental alternatives. Utilizing high quality, eye catching packaging that brings together form and function is an excellent way to achieve differentiation through brand promotional power, while also ensuring a suitable amount of protection for your products.

Packaging cannot be overlooked in the product development process. When executed well, packaging provides protection and promotion of products. Without the right protection, packaging fails and products spoil. Likewise, without creative and effective promotional power, packaging is dull and often gets lost among the countless options on the shelf. Foil lamination has increasingly become a successful way to check both of these boxes for the flexible packaging market.

flexible packaging using foil lamination

What is Foil Lamination?

Foil lamination for flexible packaging is the process of adhering thin gauge foil to other substrates. Some examples of materials foil can be laminated to include PET (Polyester Terephthalate) or OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) for printability. Foil is also frequently laminated to sealants such as various types of PE (Polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene). A very common complete lamination is trap printed PET/Foil/PE sealant. This can work well for anything ranging from small sachets to large agriculture pouches and everything in-between.

Foil Lamination

Why and How It Benefits You

For starters, packaging that utilizes a foil looks great! Foil can be an effective way to give your products an eye-catching appeal on the shelf. It draws the attention of consumers with a shiny metallic texture and often gives the perception of premium value resulting in additional sales. Foil lamination isn’t all about looks, it also offers increased product protection characteristics. Foil is one of the best options when looking for high-end barrier protection. It provides complete protection from light exposure and an exceptional oxygen and moisture barrier. These high barrier offerings can potentially extend the shelf life of your product, which will help reduce spoilage and the impact on the environment.

How Momar Can Help You Up Your Packaging Game with Foil Lamination

Momar has extensive experience creating foil laminations, a product we have been helping our customers leverage to differentiate their products from the competition for over a decade. We specialize in using a solvent-based adhesive for our foil, which offers the highest bond strength possible between materials. We work with various gauges of foil, but we specialize in one of the thinnest foil gauges available (0.000285”). This thin foil offers the same great look while being more cost-efficient. We pair our foil expertise with a wide range of other customization options, such as web widths up to 50” and flood coated single color printed on PET laminated to foil to give the appearance of colored foil. These robust capabilities allow us to bring your packaging designs to life and get them into the hands of the consumer.

Foil Lamination for Flexible Packaging - Foil Pouches

At Momar, we are able to provide the complete package when it comes to foil lamination. We can put everything together so you have the ideal finished lamination ready for your pouch making endeavors. But most importantly, we will provide top tier service to make sure you get exactly what you want at the highest possible quality.

Momar Industries is ready and able to provide foil laminations to bring your packaging to the next level! Contact our experienced and knowledgeable team today to get started with a quote.