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Laminated Film for Flexible Packaging Solutions for Many Markets and Applications

Momar Industries Develops Custom Film Lamination for Flexible Packaging To Meet Your Product Requirements

We specialize in supporting numerous markets and applications with custom laminated film for flexible packaging, as well as foil laminations, printed lidding or pouches, among other products. Our team has developed flexible packaging solutions for companies and products in markets from food and beverage to nutraceuticals, and many more. Our flexible packaging solutions help companies resolve critical product challenges such as shelf life requirements or surviving the wear and tear of the supply chain. We help you develop product packaging that works as hard as you do to impress your customers.

Custom Laminated Film for Flexible Packaging


Momar works with companies in many different industries to develop and deliver high quality flexible packaging solutions. We frequently work with companies in every corner of the food and beverage industry, delivering products the meet the applicable FDA requirements of direct-food contact. If your product requires flexible packaging, its likely that we can build a solution to fit your needs.

Other markets that we serve include:

Contact us to inquire about solutions in any of the markets above or find out if we can develop something for one not mentioned!


Each product requires a different type of packaging based on what it is, where it will be stored, how it will be used and the mechanics of how the packaging must function. Using the right materials and adhesive to match the demands of your product application is of the utmost importance. Momar has robust film lamination, lidding and printing capabilities and an experienced team to help our customers select a product that will perform to their exact specifications.

All our products are produced in an AIB-certified facility and meet applicable FDA requirements for direct-food contact.

Some examples of applications that our products can address and solve include:

Die-Cut Lidding - Laminated Film for Flexible Packaging

Doing Business With Momar Industries

Full-service packaging engineers and designers produce leading-edge packaging solutions and components by utilizing state-of-the-art converting equipment. There are many benefits when you work with us, including, flexibility, exceptional high-touch customer service, experienced and innovative problem-solving abilities, quick turns, and small MOQs.

Wondering whether we could accommodate your unique project needs? Simply ask. It’s very likely we will.