Premium Lamination Films for Luxury Packaging

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October 27, 2023

For those looking forward to establishing their name as niche and luxury brands in the marketplace – It is important to understand the value of investing in premium packaging. Customers associate luxury with compelling aesthetics – if something is expensive, it must appear. This usually happens, but everyone expects more from high-end products and brands in terms of quality or how they are packaged. To meet and exceed their expectations, it is advised to choose top-notch packaging to make yours compelling.

There are myriad ways to improve the visual appeal of your brand, such as adding decorative elements and giving them a gold or wooden finish. Packaging material is another major aspect of luxury packaging that helps in crafting a sense of value in the minds of customers, building a premium brand image. Midst all these different ways, premium lamination films are gaining popularity amongst brands aiming for a luxurious feel and look.


Premium lamination films are PET-based and BOPP-based lamination solutions. As given, these are manufactured to cater to luxury products where everything, finish, peel, and aesthetics, plays a crucial role in helping with sales. These are extensively used in the lamination of products like perfume boxes, wine cartons, magazines, brochures, book covers, and cosmetic boxes. Based on its use, there are different types of premium lamination films. Read on to unravel all about luxurious lamination solutions.


Lamination films bring myriad benefits, such as improving the aesthetics of printed materials, improving durability and strength, and protecting the products against scratches, moisture, and UV rays. In the realm of packaging, lamination films play a major role in improving the quality and looks, creating a visual appeal and professional finishing, and guaranteeing the protection and preservation of the contents.


Explore more details about the premium film laminating solutions manufactured by Momar Industries, and have carved a niche in the market:

Velvet Lamination Films

– Among various techniques for packaging available in the market today, velvet lamination stands at the top, high-end variety. Wondering what it is that makes them appealing? They deliver velvety-soft finishing to the packaging surface that elevates the overall look and feel. Their protective layer helps improve the shelf life of the printed surface, adding a strikingly rich look that lasts long.

– They are both functional and aesthetical – when you choose these films for your packaging, you are choosing to capture and hold the attention of your target audience. These films work great with special effects such as gold, embossing, and silver foiling to enhance the look and feel even more. Additionally, they might be the best option out there for you with their ability to soften colors, reduce contrasts, and deliver a light look to the printed surface.

– Available in transparent matte – the range that is ideal for your high-end applications like perfume boxes, liquor packs, jewelry boxes, and more. They can be used for laminating coffee table books and items, as mentioned above.

Scuff Free Lamination Films

– They are like none other – constructed on a highly stable BOPP film base; these films offer remarkable resistance to scuff marks that develop during production, shipping, and handling of the pack.

– The films represent durability, which makes them ideal for a variety of consumer products that demand an ultra-smooth and protective surface.

– These lamination films are highly versatile and work well with UV coating, embossing, and hot foil stamping.

Digital Lamination Films

– Many of the thermal lamination films available in the marketplace are not suited for digital printing. The reason is that these films don’t bond properly to the paper of toner-based digital printers, thereby trapping air bubbles. Due to this, the film begins to peel off with usage.

– Digital lamination films by Momar Industries are constructed for digitally printed surfaces and offer quality bonding to digitally printed surfaces. These films are useful for adding post-lamination embellishes such as embossing, spot varnish, and foil stamping.

– Printing applications like book covers, photo books, digital postcards, textbooks, brochures, wedding cards, posters, and more.


Listed below are five advantages of choosing luxurious lamination films:

1.Better Aesthetics: Premium lamination films bring a high-end look to your packaging. They can be customized using different finishes; this includes textured, glossy, or matte – to create a visually striking aesthetics. The films enhance the color vibrancy and depth of printed designs, making them appealing.

2.Protection & Preservation: Luxurious lamination films bring an additional protective layer to the packaging, ensuring the contents within are shielded against external aspects such as dust, moisture, and scratches. The film acts as a barrier, preventing damage and preserving the integrity of the packaging. This is paramount for luxury products that demand long-term protection and preservation. 

3.Enhanced Structural Integrity: Premium lamination films improve the overall structural integrity of the packaging. They bring stability and rigidity to the materials, preventing bending or any folds during handling, shipping, and storage. This ensures that the luxury packaging retains its shape and looks, reinforcing the quality and exclusivity.

4.Highly Resistance: Luxurious products go through extensive handling and shipping. Premium lamination films feature high resistance to wear and tear – reducing the risk of damage during the procedure. The films withstand abrasion, friction, and impact, offering long-lasting protection and maintaining the condition of the packaging.

5.Brand Perception: When you use premium quality lamination films for luxurious packaging, it helps create a unique brand image. The high-quality finishing and luxurious feel contribute to the perception of uniqueness – upgrading the overall value. Customers are more likely to associate luxurious packaging with a premium product, improving their perception of the brand.


The wonders of choosing premium lamination films for luxury packaging include enhanced aesthetic appeal, protection and durability, improved strength and structural integrity, resistance to wear and tear, and brand differentiation and perception. These films contribute to creating an exceptional unboxing experience and reinforcing the luxurious nature of the products they contain.

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