Barrier Lamination

Barrier Laminations for Flexible Packaging

Momar Industries offers a wide range of lamination capabilities for flexible packaging. Momar manufactures high barrier solutions for all flexible packaging formats and machine types (pouch, sachet, stick pack, VFFS HFFS). Our barrier laminations for flexible packaging are ideal for healthcare, nutraceutical, food, and industrial applications. We always welcome the opportunity to apply our barrier lamination expertise to developing products for new markets and applications.

Our highly engineered laminations deliver critical barriers to light, moisture, oxygen and even aroma.

Types of Barrier Laminations for Flexible Packaging

Momar specializes in foil laminations and has mastered the challenges of converting foil. When your products demand the ultimate barrier performance, Momar has the optimal lamination for you.

Momar has developed metallized barrier film solutions for applications where foil may not be the preferred option.

When product visibility is desired, Momar has transparent barrier film options that will deliver exceptional barrier performance without hiding the contents of your flexible packaging.

Printing Capabilities for Barrier Laminations

Our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to create up to 3 layer laminations and print up to 10 colors, with foil options for added protection and visual appeal. Our talented team has worked with numerous customers in a wide range of industries. 

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Need a customized barrier lamination for your flexible packaging? Momar’s expertise in barrier lamination can help you find a solution that performs to your exact needs. Our team of experts are available to walk you through the options best suited for your products and provide pricing guidance quickly. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to work with Momar. 

Laminator Machine Used For Barrier Laminations for Flexible Packaging