Metallized Barrier Film Laminations

Expertise in Metallized Film Laminations

Momar’s experienced team has worked with countless customers in a wide range of industries.  As a result, we have the expertise to engineer a custom metallized barrier film solution to meet your unique needs.  The Momar team is confident that it will deliver the right barrier solutions for your specific product.

While Momar specializes in foil laminations, we found the need for metallized film options in applications where foil is not the preferred barrier substrate.  For example, some food companies and co-packers utilize metal detection equipment on their packaging lines.  This is an added layer of food safety that requires packaging suited for metal detection.   Momar has adapted the use of metallized film substrates for these applications since foil is not fit for use with most metal detection equipment.  

In addition, metallized barrier film laminations allow us to offer a range of barrier performance dependent on the product.  Some foods or healthcare products may be more sensitive to moisture and we have a specific metallized solution for those applications.  In other cases, a product may be more sensitive to oxygen and we offer high barrier metallized Polyester film laminations to serve those packaging needs. 

With Momar’s advanced lamination capabilities and expertise, you can be assured that any of our multi-layer barrier lamination products will provide excellent bond strength and barrier performance. 

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