Die-Cut Lidding and Lidding Film Capabilities

Momar Industries specializes in laminated film for a range of lidding applications. Our expertise lies with our knowledge of materials and the specifications that drive different levels of packaging performance. Each product and application requires different types and levels of performance to achieve the desired result. When product freshness and shelf life are critical considerations for product packaging, working with an expert like Momar, who understands how to create lidding solutions that achieve a strong barrier to protect from oxygen, moisture or light, can make all the difference in the success of your product.

Our robust die-cut lidding and lidding film capabilities include a wide range of sizes and shapes paired with up to 8 color printing, plus foil options for rollstock and new kraft paper options to help your product stand out on the shelf. Our in-house graphics team can assist you with creating an attention grabbing design for your lidding or work with you to ensure our printing matches your desired look perfectly. No matter what type of paper or plastic container you are using for your product, our team has the expertise to develop and deliver a high quality lidding product to match.

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Our die-cut lidding is a preferred solution for copackers and brand owners/ end users as they are compatible with a variety of high-speed filling and sealing packaging equipment and are carefully designed based on your application and filling equipment for high performance and increased throughput. It is also preferred because it will come pre-cut for individual application in the product packaging process.

Lidding Rollstock

Our precut lidding isn’t a perfect fit for every application or piece of machinery, but that’s okay because Momar has you covered for your rollstock needs! When you or your copackers only have access to machinery that requires rollstock for your lidding, we offer a variety of substrates to match your performance requirements. Our sealants are designed to run efficiently and seal quickly on your lines to help keep your speeds up whenever possible. Our rollstock offerings also enable the opportunity to use a wider array of materials such as foils, clear film structures, and even retort grade lidding materials.

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