Paper Die Cut Lidding

Paper/Poly Laminated Die Cut Lidding

Momar Industries is a die cut lidding expert with robust lamination and printing capabilities for customized paper die cut lidding solutions. Momar’s paper/poly lidding is an excellent solution for a wide range of food products that require high barrier protection and offers many high end graphics options as an easily printable option. 


Paper Lidding Capabilities:

Our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to:

• Create up to 3-layer laminations

• Print up to 10 colors

• Up to a 50-inch web width

• Various standard and custom shapes and sizes to fit your cup or tray

Paper die cut lidding is a popular choice for many applications in food, particularly with snacks, frozen foods and dairy products like yogurt. Like most of our lidding solutions, our paper die cut lidding is compatible with a variety of high-speed filling and sealing packaging equipment and provides an excellent seal for strong oxygen and moisture barriers giving your products extended freshness throughout the supply chain and on the shelf.

Our die cut lids are preferred because they come pre-cut for individual application in the product packaging process.

No matter what type of paper or plastic you are looking to use for your lids, our team has the expertise to engineer and deliver a high quality product with the specifications to deliver a fresh product to your customer. If you need help identifying the right solution to maintain freshness and reach your shelf life goals, our team has the experience and knowledge to provide product design and development support. Momar’s lidding options come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit commonly used containers and custom applications as well.

Our team of packaging engineers and experts understand how to create a lid that seals in freshness while also providing the functionality to peel from the container with the right force to give you products that are easy to open.

Unique Packaging

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Need custom paper die cut lidding for your products? Momar can likely address your unique lidding needs. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to get your lids from Momar. 

Die Cut Lidding

Customized Die-Cut Lidding For All Applications

Our talented team has worked with numerous customers in a wide range of industries. As a result, we have seen and solved nearly any lidding challenge that you can think of. Our detail-oriented engineers will help you identify the die cut lidding solutions that meet your unique specifications to eliminate your flexible packaging and lidding challenges, such as maintaining product integrity and extending shelf life. Finally, our graphics and design team can help you create new attention-grabbing graphics for your die cut lidding to set your product apart from the competition. Regardless of your specific needs, the Momar team is confident it can find a solutions to meet all the demands of your product applications.

Die-Cut Lidding - Laminated Film for Flexible Packaging