Kraft Paper Lidding

Kraft Paper Lids - A More Sustainable Option

Momar’s kraft paper lidding options enable you to meet changing consumer preferences towards eco-friendly and sustainable options. Kraft paper, a versatile and eco-friendly packaging solution, offers numerous benefits for a wide range of applications. It is made from a renewable resource and produced from the chemical pulp of wood fibers, resulting in a sturdy and durable material. When we die cut it into lidding shapes, it provides a secure seal for various containers and packaging.

One of the key advantages of Kraft paper is that it effectively seals the contents. It forms a reliable barrier against moisture, dust, and other contaminants due to its inherent strength and flexibility. Whether you use it for food, pharmaceuticals, or personal care products, Kraft paper lidding ensures the freshness, integrity, and protection of the packaged contents. Its tight seal extends the shelf life of products and prevents leaks or spills during transportation.

Kraft paper’s production consumes less energy and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to other packaging materials since it is a natural and renewable resource. By choosing Kraft paper for your lidding, you contribute to waste reduction and promote a more circular economy. Although the lamination required for some applications may diminish the recyclability and sustainability benefits of Kraft paper, it remains an effective and durable lidding material that can provide your product with the desired “look and feel” from your customers’ perspective.

Kraft paper’s versatility makes it suitable for various lidding applications. In the food industry, it is commonly used to seal trays of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and bakery items. The packaging’s natural appearance adds an organic and rustic touch, enhancing the product’s appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Attributes of Kraft Paper Lidding

Printability – Clean surface to meet your printing needs.

Convertibility – Great foldability and memory to hold its folded shape.

Responsibility – Food safe compliant meeting the FDA extraction test requirements for paper to be used for food contact applications as identified in 21 CFR 176.170(c) for aqueous and fatty foods.

Sustainability – Available certified chain-of-custody under SFI® and PEFC™ programs. Sourced from a long time member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC).

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