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June 5, 2023

Most people don’t believe in the saying “match made in heaven’ when it comes to food product packaging. However, when it comes to lidding films and some other applications, they can be used in – an ideal match. In this post, Momar Industries will be shining light on everyone’s favorite form of food packaging: Lidding Films.

What is the lidding film?

Lidding films are often used in food packaging applications as the lidding partner for metal trays, cardboard, or any other container. Unlike tray overwraps that wrap the container entailing the content, lidding films are sealed using a sealing machine and serve as a protective barrier that keeps the food away from any harmful element. Based on the application, the film is designed to be user-friendly; they are easy to peel off or can be punctured without damaging the meal, allowing access to the content within.

Being one of the trusted lidding film manufacturers, our team designs our lidding films with various technical specifications and finishes satisfying customers’ unique needs. For instance, lidding films used in highly oxygen-sensitive fresh meat packaging will be designed with high-oxygen barrier qualities. Lidding films with high moisture barriers are ideal for dry oats and other similar goods. Lidding films can be customized as per the customer’s needs and desired looks. They can be crafted in different colors and in a clear manner, allowing businesses to improve their branding technique by labeling on the packaging.

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What are some lidding film applications?

Lidding films can be used in various applications, including fresh as well as frozen dinners, fresh meat packaging, dairy goods, pet food, oatmeal cups, and other edible products. The film is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, including frozen food and those that are microwave-safe.

How do lidding films prevent food wastage?

The lidding film plays a key role in reducing food wastage by extending the product’s shelf life. The barrier film prevents any unwanted exposure to substance that is responsible for causing food spoilage. The mass amount of wasted food ends up in landfills each year, resulting in tons of excess carbon emissions. The natural resource used during production is also wasted – it is advised to use lidding films so users can consume the product completely without causing much wastage. Based on the application, it is advised to incorporate micro-perforations, macro-perforation, anti-fog, and high-clarity additives.

Listed below is a popular type of tray-lidding film:

  1. Dual-Ovenable Films: Our dual-ovenable lidding films are perfect for product packagings such as frozen foods, ready-to-eat meals, and other applications that require to be heated in an oven. Exceptional clarity, personalized peelability, and amazing heat resistance are some of the amazing qualities of this film.
  2. Peelability Films: Momar Industries offers a bespoke line of peel/reseal lidding films – ideal for a tray or any container entailing food that requires lidding film. These can be reapplied once the user opens the packaging – they help reduce food wastage (as mentioned earlier). Available to comply with most substrates, our manufactured films are ideal for cheese, meats, snack foods, baked goods, and other food items.
  3. High Barrier Films: Our team offers a complete line of high barrier lidding films – designed for items that need protection against harmful environmental elements, bacteria, and oxygen to improve the product’s shelf life. We offer high-barrier lidding films crafted for ready-to-eat meals and top webs on TFFS lines. This series is often matched with substrate types that include PE, CPET, APET, and other kinds.
  4. Breathable Films: Our lidding films are ideal for products that need extended life, such as fresh-cut products or other similar goods. They improve product life by controlling the release of CO2 and entry of oxygen into the packaging – designed as a weld or peel-off seal; these films work great for fresh produce such as tomatoes, onions, okra, and other fresh-cut goods.

What are customized lidding film solutions?

Die-Cut Lidding: Momar Industries’ die-cut lidding solutions provide the best pre-cut lids in the market. Having an in-house team of skilled professionals and die-cutters, we ensure each cut-lid is designed to fit your needs. We offer rim embossing and print the cut lids in the desired yet accurate manner – every time.

Daisy Chain Lidding: Daisy chain lidding solutions are ideal for high-speed fill and seal packaging lines; they are connected by their tabs, creating a single yet continual row that can be cut in the tab area. Printed, cut, and rolled within the unit, daisy chain lidding solutions are effective for a variety of packaging machines.

Rollstock Lidding: You can order premium roll stock lidding crafted in a web format to cut on a packaging machine. Our team produces roll stock lidding in several widths and diameters to fulfill unique product needs – printed and non-printed.

What are the features of lidding and overwrap films?

As the name suggests, overwrap films wrap over the tray like a lid. You will find many examples if you ever noticed the meat section at your favorite local grocery store. These protein-contained packages look similar in looks, but some various formats and components distinguish each packaging’s properties. The overwrap film can be sealed to the top to bottom of the tray based on the requested packaging properties and application. The sealant plays a key role but may vary in type, strength, and performance. When it comes to the mandatory nutrition information and branding, you will find tray overwraps packaging with printed labels. This lidding or overwraps work great as a branding tool (as discussed earlier in the post). The choice comes down to the producer’s preferences.

About Momar Industries

Lidding films offered by Momar Industries are designed to meet the requirements of each application. Catering to different unique needs, our team uses cutting-edge techniques to ensure trays and heat-sealable films are matched. Giving optimum performance and minimizing wastage – our in-house tray testing laboratory imitates the product packaging conditions, including temperature, method, and pressure. Our technical team bears in-depth knowledge, years of experience, and a skillset in the niche. We employ our cutting-edge techniques and special production control procedure to ensure that films are perfectly designed per the tight specifications.

Momar Industries is your trusted manufacturer in the flexible packaging industry. With over a decade of experience, we offer products designed using high-quality materials and are preferred by thousands of food processing companies across the globe. Are you interested? Please find out more by consulting our professionals.