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Unveiling the Creative Process Behind High-Barrier Metal Films

January 31, 2024
By Ben Kaplan

Nowadays in a competitive market, ensuring the longevity and integrity of packaged products is fundamental for businesses. High-barrier metalized films have emerged as an advanced solution that blends metal deposition and polymer film technology to offer exceptional protection against moisture, light, and oxygen. High-barrier metalized films have revolutionized the product packaging industry by providing cutting-edge technology for product protection and preservation. These can be created via a blend of polymer film and metal deposition technology, offering sturdy barrier properties against oxygen, moisture, and light.

With their ability to prevent the permeation of moisture and gases, high-barrier metalized films improve the shelf life of packaged goods, preserving their freshness, integrity, and quality. Their versatility and effectiveness make them indispensable in various sectors, including food and beverages, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and personal care and wellness.


High-barrier metalized films are cutting-edge packaging material that serves the benefits of metal deposition and polymer film technology. This innovation provides barrier properties against oxygen, moisture, and light, making them a perfect choice for protecting sensitive products from environmental aspects degrading their quality and shelf life. This technology involves a multi-layer structure where each layer plays an integral role in improving the film’s barrier performance. Listed below are key components of this advanced technology:

BASE FILM The base film creates the foundation of high-barrier metalized films; they offer structural integrity, sturdiness, and flexibility of the packaging material. Extensively used base films encompass polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene. These films are of excellent tensile robustness and dimensional stability, ensuring the film maintains its integrity during packaging, shipping, and storage.

METAL DEPOSITION – This metal layer is a vital aspect of high-barrier films – it can be achieved through a process known as vapor deposition. This procedure includes a thin layer of metal, typically aluminum, or a combination of aluminum and other metals deposited onto the base film. Aluminum is preferred due to its stunning barrier properties against oxygen, moisture, and light. The metal layer blocks UV radiation and protects the product from light-induced degradation, such as nutrient loss and fading.

PROTECTIVE COATING – A protective coating is applied to protect the metal layer from physical damage and oxidation. This coating is usually made of a polymer material and is applied over the metal layer. It acts as a barrier between the environment and metal, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of the film’s barrier properties. The protective coating plays an integral role in preserving the barrier performance of the metal layer.

ADDITIONAL LAYERS – High-barrier metalized films often include additional layers to improve specific properties. These include an adhesive layer; heat-seal layer, and a printing coating. Adhesive layers facilitate bonding between the film and other packaging materials, ensuring proper sealing and packaging integrity. Heat-sealant layers enable the film to be heat-sealed, offering a secure closure for the packaged product.


1.Longevity: High-barrier metalized films improve the product’s shelf-life, especially of perishable goods, by preventing moisture and oxygen. This feature is significantly essential in the food and beverage industry, where freshness and quality are paramount.

2.Product Integrity: These help maintain the packaged goods’ original taste, aroma, and texture. Blocking UV radiation, color fading, vitamin degradation, and flavor changing helps ensure the product’s quality remains intact.

3.Improved Protection: High-barrier metalized films offer a sturdy barrier against environmental factors such as oxygen, moisture, and contaminants. This is essential for sensitive items such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals that can be negatively impacted by exposure to environmental elements.

4.Versatility: High-barrier metalized films can be used across various industries. They are used for packaging coffee, snacks, pet food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other goods that require extended shelf life and proper protection. 

5.Eco-Friendliness: High-barrier metalized films are recyclable, making them eco-friendly packaging. In addition to that, their improved barrier properties result in reduced material use compared to traditional alternatives, further contributing to sustainability investments.


Food n Beverage: High-barrier metalized films are widely used in the food n beverage industry to preserve the products’ quality and freshness. This includes confectionery, dairy goods, snacks, and coffee. The films are sturdy and protect against oxygen, moisture, and light – ensuring flavors, textures, and nutritional value remain intact.

Pharmaceuticals: Pharma items require stringent protection to maintain their stability as well as efficacy. High-barrier metalized films are an ideal packaging solution for medications, healthcare goods, medical devices, and more. They serve as a safeguard that protects against oxygen, moisture, and light, preserving the good from degrading quality.

Electronics: Electronic devices and components are prone to moisture damage, corrosion, and electrostatic discharge. High-barrier metalized films offer a protective barrier, ensuring the functionality and integrity of electronics during storage and shipping.

Personal Care Items: Cosmetics, toiletries, and hygiene goods benefit a lot from high-barrier metalized films that protect against oxygen and moisture. They prevent product color fading, deterioration, and contamination. We believe that for personal care products, it is important to choose the right material.


Superior Barrier Qualities: These are designed to offer exceptional barrier properties, extending a reliable solution for packaging sensitive or fragile goods. The metalized layer acts as a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and external factors, improving the shelf life of the packaged goods.

UV n Light Protection: High-barrier metal films offer stunning UV and light protection, preventing fading or degradation of fragile goods such as electronic components, pharmaceuticals, food, and whatnot. The metalized layer acts as a shield against harmful light and UV rays.

Improved Visibility: High-barrier metalized film can be customized to have a clear window or a partial metallization, enabling customers to see the content within the packaging. This feature is beneficial for goods that rely on visual appeal and branding.

Heat Resistance: They are equipped with extreme temperature resistance, which makes them ideal for packaging applications that require heat sealing. The metal layer helps maintain its integrity under extreme temperatures, ensuring the package remains intact.


High-barrier metalized films extend an innovative technology packaging solution that ensures the protection and proper preservation of a variety of goods. With their exceptional barrier properties that work against oxygen, UV rays, and moisture, these films improve shelf life and maintain product integrity and overall quality. As industries continue to demand sturdy and reliable packaging options, high-barrier metalized films play a crucial role in safeguarding goods and meeting customer expectations for sustainability.


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