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Flexible Packaging Trends in the U.S. Cannabis Industry

U.S. Cannabis Industry Packaging TrendsWith the expanding legalization and acceptance of cannabis in the United States, industry players are seeking innovative packaging solutions. Flexible packaging, with its adaptability, sustainability, and consumer appeal, has emerged as a leading choice. Here are the top trends, as Momar Industries sees them, in flexible packaging for the cannabis industry: 

Child-Resistant Packaging 

With cannabis products gaining accessibility, child safety is paramount. Manufacturers are increasingly adopting child-resistant zippers and closures for pouches and bags. These safeguards ensure that cannabis products remain out of the reach of curious children while being user-friendly for adults. 

Eco-friendly Materials 

Sustainability is a key concern for modern consumers. Biodegradable and compostable packaging materials are on the rise. Brands that adopt eco-friendly packaging not only reduce their environmental impact, but also enhance their image and appeal to a larger, eco-conscious consumer base. 

Tamper-Evident Seals 

For the safety and peace of mind of consumers, tamper-evident seals have become standard. These seals assure consumers that the product inside is untouched and authentic. 

Transparent Windows 

Consumers love to see what they’re buying. Clear windows in cannabis packaging, while maintaining product integrity, allow buyers to view the quality and quantity of the product inside. This transparency helps in brand trust and product authenticity. 

UV Protection 

Cannabis products, especially those with THC and CBD, can degrade with exposure to light. Packaging trends now lean toward materials with UV protection to maintain product potency and shelf-life. 

Customized Designs & Branding 

With the crowded cannabis market, standing out is essential. Personalized and captivating graphics, innovative shapes, and designs help brands distinguish themselves and attract consumers. Flexible packaging offers vast customization opportunities, from vivid printing to unique form factors. 

Re-sealable Pouches 

For products like cannabis-infused edibles or loose flower, re-sealable pouches ensure freshness over multiple uses. They offer convenience, maintain product quality, and reduce wastage. 

Portion Control 

With edibles, tinctures, and other consumable cannabis products, dosage is crucial. Packaging solutions that offer built-in portion control – such as single-use packets or segmented pouches – are gaining traction. 

Informative Labeling 

Educating consumers is a vital part of the cannabis industry. With flexible packaging, brands can incorporate detailed labeling, QR codes for further information, and compliance labels seamlessly. 

Connected Packaging 

In the age of technology, connected packaging is the next frontier. NFC (Near Field Communication) chips, QR codes, and other tech integrations allow consumers to access additional product information, verify authenticity, and engage with brands in new ways. 

Consider Momar Industries as your source for flexible packaging in the cannabis industry 

The cannabis industry in the U.S. is witnessing unprecedented growth. To keep pace with evolving consumer demands and regulatory requirements, flexible packaging is proving to be a versatile and effective solution. Momar Industries understands these trends, enabling cannabis businesses to ensure their products are not only safe and compliant but also appealing and differentiated in the marketplace. Learn more about Momar’s capabilities and products to support the cannabis industry.

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