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Why is Lidding Ideal for Food Products?


The realm of flexible packaging and lidding applications is large and continues to grow. Flexible lidding is considered a popular option in the packaging industry. Companies that deal in foods & beverages, medical & pharmaceutical products, healthcare & wellness, personal care & cosmetics and other electronic products, nowadays, are leaning on flexible packaging. While flexible lidding materials consist of film, foil and paper- we will look at the flexible lidding for food products- an area that is set to grow in the long term.

Contamination is a stage that is often overlooked during the manufacturing journey, especially when it comes to the safety of food. We put emphasis on the preparation of the food. However, food packaging is an essential element, especially in the manufacturing procedure that plays a critical role in ensuring that the final product is safe for consumption.

With different types of food containers, each in a unique design, equipped to protect the content, choosing the right lidding film is important. Lidding is used for covering plastic bowls, trays, and cups that carry dairy and edible content like soup, yogurt, cheese, meat, and more. Lidding is a laminated application that is often made using paper, PET, foil and even other kinds of materials. When it comes to packaging single-use food and beverages, lidding plays a key role that should not be overlooked. They are super sturdy and can keep the content safe and in good condition for a long time. Long gone are the days when such products relied on heavy-gauge foils that came with ample challenges and restrictions. With incredible and numerous advantages, more and more industries are relying on multi-layered lidding.

Below we have highlighted some of the amazing benefits of using lidding and making a switch to lidding roll stock:

EASY PEELING:  When compared to heavy-gauge, products that come with film lidding are easy and safe for consumption. The lidding film comes combined with top-notch materials used to create FFL, film foil laminations offering lidding that peels off easily without any breakage.

SUPER SAFE:  Film laminations are considered safer and less prone to damage, leading to cuts and scrapes upon peeling. This feature makes them an ideal choice for snack food products for kids or young adults.

PRODUCT PRESERVATION:  Besides making the content safe for consumption, lidding makes the product safer too. Being a multi-layered laminate feature designed to reduce puncturing and create a barrier against moisture and oxygen, extending the shelf-life.

BRAND INTEGRATION:  When it comes to labeling and printing, foil lidding offers a great canvas for branding, designing and adding essential nutritional information. With numerous capabilities, color options and features to represent your brand in a unique manner. What’s stopping you?

SUSTAINABLE CHOICE:  Another key advantage of switching to film foil lidding is that it leaves little impact on the environment. It comes equipped with a multi-layered structure, uses less material and thus, makes an ideal choice for eco-friendly conscious brands.

Since lidding applications will continue to grow and that makes it easy for your consumers to work the product, why not switch to this incredible packaging solution? We at Momar Industries, understand your needs, vision and budget to deliver top-notch and affordable packaging and lidding solutions for your products.

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